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For Executives

Are you quietly searching for that next Executive role? You have a choice in which search firm you place your confidence in. We know that and we appreciate you taking the time to look at J. Louis Lynn. Please let us briefly explain to you why we believe we are the right choice.


Confidentiality – Our promise to you is that no one will ever see your resume unless you know it and have approved it. We don’t blast your resume, we don’t share databases, and we don’t represent you as a candidate to any client without your prior knowledge and consent. We protect you.

What happens to your resume at J. Louis Lynn?

Anytime we receive a resume at J. Louis Lynn, we do two things. First we analyze it in reference to current searches that are in process to see if there might be a fit. If so, we will call you. Secondly, we store a copy in our own confidential database for future reference. This allows us to contact you as we are engaged on new searches of interest. Your resume never goes anywhere without your knowledge and consent.

Personal Advice - From Experienced Professionals to Experienced Professionals

One-on-One Counseling: We all know that there is no substitute for one-on-one counseling from someone who’s intimately involved in the current situation. Let our experience work for you. Spend some time and share your thoughts with your J. Louis Lynn professional. You’ll be surprised at the depth of understanding and clarity you can achieve when you compliment your thoughts with those of our team. For example, we add value with:

Verbal Pre-Interview Briefs: Do you know what to expect in the interview? A discussion surrounding the potential opportunity, the key players, and their relationship to the role you are interviewing for are just a few of the things we will discuss with you prior to any telephone interview. We want you to be as prepared as possible so that you can best represent yourself and so that your time spent talking will be focused on the key elements. This protects both your time, and that of the person you are interviewing with. What better way to help make the process of transition seamless?

Counteroffers: As another example of how we add value, have you thought about this? How will your current employer react to your resignation? Will they try to lure you back with a Counteroffer? Here are some things to think about if you were to accept a counter:

  1. You have made your employer aware of your dissatisfaction when you give notice. From this day on, your loyalty will be in question.
  2. When promotions are considered, your employer will take your lack of loyalty into account.
  3. Once the word gets out, your relationship with your co-workers will never be the same.
  4. There will be a strong impact on your sense of pride. Should you accept a counter, you will quickly realize that you feel as if you've been bought.
  5. When times get tough, who do you think will be first to go?
  6. Your company is likely to begin immediately to look for your replacement since you are no longer “loyal”.
  7. Statistics show that 85% of those who accept a counteroffer end up leaving, voluntarily or involuntarily, within one year anyway.
  8. You will probably wonder where the extra money is suddenly coming from. Is it just an advance or a raise you would have received anyway? And what will happen the next time raises are considered?
  9. A counteroffer raises doubts about the type of business you work for. Why should you have to threaten to resign before the employer gives you what you're worth?
  10. Those same circumstances that caused you to consider leaving will still exist in the future.