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For Employers

You have a choice in Search.
We know that and we appreciate you taking the time to look at J. Louis Lynn.
Please let us briefly explain to you why we believe we are the right choice.

Our Search Process

At J. Louis Lynn, we have a systematic approach to your search.

  1. Learning about you, your organization, and the position(s) you need to fill. Through detailed discussions with the appropriate hiring manager(s) and/or other key executives, we learn everything we can about your organization, the role(s), and the people and personalities that the successful candidate will interact with. The more information you can provide to us, the more quickly and efficiently we can serve you. This can include in-depth discussions, job descriptions, review of your (or related) company websites, sales or product information that you publish, annual reports, and any recent news articles about you and/or your organization.
  2. Research and further coordination. Based on our preliminary discussions, we here at J. Louis Lynn will begin by discussing with you the outline of the industry, the competitive landscape, and a proposed initial contact list. We then review this with you in detail. These outlines and lists, combined with the information we have gleaned from our research and discussions with you, are used to generate an internal white paper – a document we call a Search Criteria Model - that helps our team to stay focused directly on your needs. Our goal is to have steps one and two completed within the first 24-48 hours.
  3. Candidate contact, screening, and reporting. We begin our massive contact effort by talking to every potential candidate identified. As likely candidates are identified, they are scheduled for an in-depth J. Louis Lynn screening interview. As candidates are selected or eliminated (as defined by the parameters we have agreed on), they are presented to you, our client, for first interviews.Typically, these first interviews are scheduled within the first two weeks after engagement.
  4. Bringing things together. As we begin to narrow the field of likely candidates, and as we get closer to the end of the interview process, we help to bring things together. Because this is an emotional time for everyone involved, we help to bring focus to the three key elements of Start Date, Acceptance, and Offer to the candidate. Not only will we provide the “behind the scenes” nuance that is so crucial to a successful placement, but we will help you to bring your selected candidate aboard with the biggest smile possible! Our goal is to have the right candidate selected within the first three to six weeks. This is dependent in large part on the schedules of all parties involved.
  5. After the placement/follow up. After the successful candidate has accepted your offer, and after the start date has been agreed to, we help to wrap things up and follow things through in several areas. We offer counter-offer counseling, resignation counseling, emotional support, and continue to help with details related to transition. All of these things are designed with one thing in mind – you, our client, getting the exceptional value people have come to expect when working with J. Louis Lynn.


At J. Louis Lynn, we take your confidence in us very seriously. We go to great lengths to protect your confidentiality and your reputation in the marketplace.

Non-Traditional Options

We do things differently than most search firms when it comes to fee structure. We offer you three different options, each of which protects you, our client.

  1. Engagement Fee – The simplest and most effective way to get engaged with J. Louis Lynn is to begin with an engagement fee. We ask for one third of the estimated fee in advance as we begin your exclusive search. This comes with our standard “rollover guarantee.” If you must cancel your search (or redirect it) for any reason, any monies paid to J. Louis Lynn remain available to you as a credit and can be used for any other search for up to one full year from the date of initial payment! Example: You engage us to find a key leader but, part way through the search, your organization changes direction. You decide that instead of filling this role, you will combine this division with another, thereby eliminating the role we were working to fill. In these types of scenarios, when working with most other firms, you forfeit any monies paid. Not with J. Louis Lynn. These monies remain available to you as a credit to be used on any other search.
  2. Partner Account – This is your most efficient way to fill multiple roles or to manage your annual search budget. If you are planning a major hiring initiative, or simply need to move some budgeted money into another fiscal/calendar year, the Partner Account is for you. After consultation and discussion, this account is tailored to you and your needs. It behaves much like the Engagement Fee, simply in multiples. Each time a hire is made, one third of the total fee is subtracted from your partner account, and the remaining two thirds is invoiced to you. As with the Engagement Fee, your funds remain as a Partner Account credit until consumed.
  3. Exclusive Contingent Search – Exclusive Contingent Searches are offered on a space available basis. This can be a great way to learn more about J. Louis Lynn and the quality of service that we provide. The only thing we ask is that it truly be an exclusive search for both your protection and ours.

Our Guarantees

At J. Louis Lynn, we offer two guarantees.

First and foremost, no money paid to J. Louis Lynn will ever be lost due to a change in direction or cancellation of a search. Unlike most firms, if you need to change some of the parameters of a search, or need to cancel a search altogether, you don’t lose a dime. These funds, while not refundable, can be applied towards any other search with J. Louis Lynn and any new search you give us will be treated as if it’s a brand new retained search!

Secondly, we offer highly competitive replacement guarantees. If any candidate we place resigns or is terminated for performance related reasons during the guarantee period, we will replace that candidate, in that same role, at no additional charge.

We care about you!

What do we mean when we say “We care about you?”

  • We want you to be satisfied. We will always endeavor to provide you with the highest quality search and we’ll do it in the shortest possible amount of time.
  • We want you to be protected. We go to great lengths to protect your confidentiality and to represent you well when we speak with potential candidates.
  • We want you to be confident in us. We do our best to over-communicate rather than under-communicate. We want you to know what’s happening with your search at each stage in the process.
  • We want you to be well represented in the marketplace. This is the prime reason behind our request for exclusivity. No matter how well intentioned, multiple recruiters working on the same role will cause your search to be represented differently in the marketplace. This leads candidates to believe that you are not quite in control and their confidence can dwindle. This can lead to anxiety on the part of currently employed candidates (always your best source of talent) and always results in a measurable reduction in the number of qualified and interested candidates for your role. Exclusivity ensures your best representation.
  • We want you to come back to us. Our desire is to do such a fine job that you will always want to return to J. Louis Lynn for future executive searches. We care about you!