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Case Studies

Case Study #1

Existing Client receives an unexpected resignation

A client who had used J. Louis Lynn services in the past called on a Friday morning. One of their key sales leaders had just resigned moments earlier.

Our familiarity with the team, organizational structure, and culture allowed us to begin making calls almost immediately.

By Monday afternoon, J. Louis Lynn had identified and placed calls to over twenty potential candidates in the geography requested – all of whom were currently employed in a similar role with a competing organization.

By Wednesday afternoon, three of these potential candidates had expressed interest, participated in an initial screening discussion with J. Louis Lynn, and had forwarded a resume for review.

By Thursday afternoon, our client was beginning initial phone interviews and ultimately ended up flying the successful candidate to the corporate office for final interviews the following week.

Case Study #2

A Potential Client, having experienced poor results with other search firms, explores J. Louis Lynn services

A Potential Client, that had previously experienced great frustration with other Executive Search Firms, began asking his friends in the industry for recommendations as to who could help him find a quality sales leader. Hearing the name of J. Louis Lynn for the second time, he decided to call us directly.

The initial discussion lasted well over an hour as he explored our history, our areas of specialization, our services, and our style. This executive had reviewed our website prior to the call but had not scheduled the call. He simply picked up the phone and began asking questions.

After contemplating things for almost a month, he again called unexpectedly and had a second discussion, equally deep, covering the additional questions that had arisen in the time that had elapsed.

Upon conclusion of the second conversation, the executive requested a written proposal.

A third conversation ensued, some days later, as the executive continued to explore and delve more deeply into the services and style of J. Louis Lynn.

After a fourth conversation, the executive felt comfortable enough to engage J. Louis Lynn. We then helped him find the new sales leader that would set direction, strategy, and ensure implementation of the sales growth plan for the entire organization.

At this point, the client has now engaged J. Louis Lynn repeatedly over a period of several years. We have successfully completed multiple searches, and done so at a variety of salary levels.

Case Study #3

An Executive develops a relationship with J. Louis Lynn

A Senior Sales and Marketing Leader received a call from the J. Louis Lynn team as part of a specific and targeted Executive Search effort. Although this Executive had the requisite skills and experience to fit the role that J. Louis Lynn had been retained to fill, she was not interested in leaving her current role at that time.

Although she was clearly not “actively” looking, she responded to the call by assisting with networking and inquiring about the J. Louis Lynn search team and services offered.

As the months and years progressed, the relationship continued to develop. This Executive continued to assist with networking; recommending other key sales leaders to network with, each time a J. Louis Lynn representative called.

As a result, this Executive has been continually contacted each time J. Louis Lynn has been retained to fill a new sales leadership role.

Networking with J. Louis Lynn helps Executives to keep their finger on the “pulse” of what’s happening in the industry.